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DAS License(MSO)

DAS License

Step 1

Eligibility Consultation

Step 2

Document Preparation

Step 3

Application Drafting & Filing

About DAS License

DAS (Digital Addressable System) License is required mandatorily to run the business of MSO (Multi System Operator). DAS (MSO) license is granted by MIB (Ministry of Information & Broadcasting) for notified area as applied by the applicant. DAS (MSO) License is valid for 10 years and afterwards it is renewable. Government Fee for DAS License is Rs. one lakh per MSO. It can be applied by Proprietorship Form, Partnership Form, Private Limited or Limited Company. Some Basic Documents, Form 6, Finance Declaration and few Affidavits are required to apply for DAS (MSO) License. It is being observed that the licensing process takes approx. two months to be issued. Initially, MSO is being given temporary license to run their business and afterwards it will be assumed as permanent license down the timeline, if business goes errorless. India has been divided into four phases (area-wise) to organize the issuing of DAS (MSO) License from metro cities to villages. Nowadays, analogue cable TV network is not permitted in India.

Following documents and info are required for the application of DAS (MSO) License –

1.   Post Office License

2.   PAN Card of Firm / Company / Proprietor

3.   Income Tax Return of Firm / Company / Proprietor (N/A for new firm & company)

4.   Service Tax Return / Registration Copy (or Applied For Copy) in case of new firm or company

5.   Entertainment Tax Return / Registration Copy (or Applied For Copy) in case of new firm or company, if applicable in your state

6.    Authorization Letter in case of partnership firm or company

7.    Channel List

8.    LCO List in case of old firm and company

9.    Copy of equipment quotation

10.  Audited Balance Sheet of firm or company

11.  Net-Worth Certificate by CA

12.  Copy of Bank Account

13.  Biodata of Proprietor / Partner / Directors

14.  Form 6

15.  Affidavit (2 types)


16.  DD of One Lakh

Government Fee is Rs. One Lakh which will be paid through Demand Draft (DD) in the name of “Pay & Accounts Officer, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting” Payable at Delhi.

Consultancy Fee is Rs. 20,000 + Service Tax.

Processing Time is approx. 2 months and it is subject to discretion of the department.

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