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Reliance-future -A win-win deal

Reliance has agreed to acquire the Business of Future retail Limited as slump sale consideration with Rs. 24713 Crore.

This deal , will also includes the wholesale, logistics and warehousing business of the Future Group, which gives a new position in the market to Billionaire Mr. Mukesh Ambani as a ‘Retail King” of india.

Lets Understand Why the Win-deal for Both the parties, as we explained Reliance will become the retail king of the India with this deal while Future Group shareholder also receive the much value of their share now in comparison to before the deal.

Under the Scheme, First, Future Group will merge Some companies of Retail Business in to Future Enterprises Limited.

Future Consumer shareholder will receive 9 shares for Every 10 shares held under the Future Enterprises Limited. Future Lifestyle Fashion shareholder will get 116 shares of Future Enterprises Limited against the holding of 10 shares. Future retail shareholder will receive 101 shares of Future Enterprises Limited against their 10 Shares. Lastly, Future Market Network shareholders will receive 18 shares of Future Enterprises Limited for every 10 held.

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