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Restructuring of Loan of RBI -Bank wise Announced Soon

As we know moratorium comes to ends very soon, so the Borrowers are getting worried about their Loan Installment,due to the corona pandemic every borrowers are earning Less than before, so they want either defer their EMI or want to pay Less.
On the other hand if we talk about the Banks, they are also passing with the stressful position due to the Non performing Assets and EMI defaults.

To maintain a Balance between Borrowers and Lenders RBI has proposed the Plan for Loan restructuring but no master direction issued on it and left the option on the bank to Bank to issue their Loan Restructuring loan as per their Position.
We Will soon every bank will issue their Loan restructure Plan but generally privileges will be granted customers who will fulfill the following Conditions:- 

1. Borrowers who have paid all Monthly Installment before 1st March 2020 will be the most preferred Borrowers.
2. Person who have availed Loan moratorium will also able to take the benefit of it.
3. Your Cibil Report will also taken into consideration while bank give you the option of Loan restructuring, it should not be below 650.
4.Every Type of Loan whether Personal, Home , Loan against property and MSME loans or Business Loans  will be able to get the benefit Under this Scheme.
5. Restructuring of Loan could be for Limited Period only as the Bank is also under stress.

So these was the points, for you have to prepare yourself according to it and wait for your bank notification to get relief of Loan Restructuring.
Loan Restructuring is an good option to Lender and borrowers , as the Borrowers will get the relief from hafty amount and Bankers will also get more interest than earlier which also increase their income.

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