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How to Prepare GSTR -9 Return

January 25, 2020
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  1. Required documents:-
  2. Appointment Letter and Management Representation letter.
  3. GSTR 3B Return, GSTR 1 Return (Along with Invoices), GST 2A (With Invoice) for 2 years.
  4.  Auto Drafted GSTR-9.
  5. Auto Drafted GSTR-1 AND GST 3B for Whole financial year to verify Purpose.
  6. Digital Signature, User Id and Password for the GST Taxpayer.
  • Analyses sales :-
  • Allocate GSTR 1 into Following :-
  1. Non-GST Supply, Exempted, NIL Rated, Zero rated , SEZ Supplies –For GSTR 9-head. No. 5.
  2. Business to Business Supplies, business to Customer Supplies (Unregistered), Deemed export, Zero rated, SEZ and Inward Supplies on which tax is paid-For GSTR-9-Head No. 4.
  3.  Advances on which tax is paid and invoices to be issued- For GSTR-9-Head No. 4.
  4. Credit Notes /Debit Notes, Increase and Decrease in original Invoice-to Be Segregate according to point No.1 and Point no. 2 separately.
  5. HSN Wise Summary for Outward Supplies.
  6. Compare your sales with GSTR-3B Whole financial year and Audited/unaudited Financial Statements.


  1. Nil to be Recheck with Column no. 8 , B2B and B2C Table for GSTR1 As well.
  2. Under the Point No. 1 AND 2 –We can first segregate the Non-GST Supply, Exempted, NIL Rated, Zero rated,1%, 3%,5%, 12%,18% and 28% Sales separately to match easily.
  • Analyze ITC :-
  • Allocate Purchase- Matched credit and Unmatched credit  with Books, eligible credit or ineligible of credit , Reverse charge or without Reverse charge, , credit on import of Goods or Services.  
  • Allocate Such ITC- Allocate Such Match credit ,Unmatched Reverse Charge credit  and Credit on import of Goods in to Credit on Inputs, Capital Goods and Input Services.
  • Figure out credit which need to claim-  Unmatched Credit other than Import if not appearing in 2A,TRANS-1 and 2 Credit.
  • ITC Which has been claimed in 3B Next year upto the Allowed date.
  • Figure of ITC Reversed ,reclaimed During the year and Next year with allowed date.
  • ITC Reversed- Rule 37, 39,42, 43, Section 17(5), Trans-1 and Trans-2.
  • HSN Wise Summary of Inward Supplies.

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