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FCRA Return Filing | FCRA Annual Return Filing | FCRA Quarterly Return Filing


FCRA Annual Return Filling

Organization that are listed under the FCRA must hold separate records under the Head Office of the FC and provide prescribed templates to the Ministry with the audited report of records of previous year. Any of the companies getting the foreign donations are expected to have issued a certification from a CA.

The certificate to be issued by the CA and is offered in the form FC-6. Along with this document, Revenue and Expense statement and the collection, the audited Balance sheet and payment account statement, together with the verification and certification approved by the Chief Functionary, shall also be issued.

For each year the return is to be submitted (1st April to 31st March) that is within 9 months of the end of the year, that is by 31st December each year. The filling of a ‘0’ refund, even if none of the international donation is obtained/ used all over the year, is mandatory. The report will be issued in the specific form FC-6 consequently followed by the balance sheet and revenue and expenditure statement approved by the chartered accountant. On the basis of the suitable receipts and accounts, the chartered accountant is projected to report the following:

  • the amount of the international donation received at the start of the year
  • the foreign contribution obtained during the year
  • the predicted amount of the foreign contribution at the close of the year
  • certifies that the organization has held the foreign contribution account and the documents of the foreign contribution throughout the way stated in Foreign contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010
  • the information provided in the certificate and the balance sheet used, the declaration of receipt and payment and the declaration of income and expense are exact.

FCRA Quarter Return Filing

  • Additionally, on quarter basis every organization/ person who have been provided with registration or prior permission should upload their financial information related to the donor and the information of grants obtained. Such of this information should be uploaded onto their website as specified by the Central Government. It is to be noted that the revised rule does not give any relaxation to a smaller NGO.
  • Soon after the laws were amended, every organizations with not any financial limit should upload financial information either on their website or complete the requisite Form at the FCRA website. The data to be uploaded includes:

(i) Information of the donors
(ii) Amount received
(iii) The date of receipt.

  • The data is to be uploaded within 15 days following the last day of the quarter in which the funds were received.
  • It may be noted that all the organizations have to upload 1st quarter financial information (that is for the period from 15th October to 15th December to be by the following 15th January.
  • The form for quarterly returns can also be submitted online.
Disclaimer : The information contained in this article is intended solely for the dissemination of information and does not aim at solicitation of work. Though meticulous care has been taken but the author assumes no liability in respect of any loss/ damage incurred while acting on the information provided in this article. The author can be reached at sanjeev@semantictaxgen.in and can be called at +91-8126700005.

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